Forensic Science Studies

Exploring through the Opportunities.

Forensic Science deals with solving thriller crime scenes with the help of technology. It is a very exciting and evolving sector with a lot of possibilities to explore and to find a perfect career opportunity. Imagine finding out a culprit with the help of a fingerprint or a strand of hair!

What exactly is Forensic Science?

Forensic Science can simply be explained as the application of scientific techniques to solve a crime. Any substance that was part of a crime scene including metal objects, bloodstains or even body fluids is examined by forensic doctors to deduce facts. These later become shreds of evidence to find the criminal out.

Why Forensic Science will be a great career choice?

With very few experts to handle the ever-increasing crimes of the world, the forensics department is in dire need of help. If you have a zeal for science and if you are not intimidated by the crimes that happen around you, then Forensic Science Studies is probably one of your ideal options. You might want to consider this option because:

  • Opportunities to explore under this domain is vast.
  • Highly paid job packages.
  • Opportunities are scattered across the globe.
  • Exposing the most dreadful people around the world gives you an overwhelming sense of satisfaction.

Am I a Rightful Fit For this Course?

If you are a tech-savvy person or a genius In Science, you will find this course interesting. Forensic Science is not always about putting yourselves in highly-risky scenes to catch a criminal. You can do that even by staying at the backdrop using your skills and knowledge.

Scope Of Forensic Studies Abroad

Forensic studies might be an upcoming career field in India, but outside it is already a well-established sector with high-paying job opportunities. Hugely expanded forensic teams abroad require a lot of brilliant minds to study the horrible crime scenes and to understand the mindset of the culprits. Opportunities in this field are open for:

  • Medical Examiners
  • Crime Laboratory Analysts
  • Crime Scene Examiners
  • Linguistic Experts.

Job Prospects

Govt Jobs

India is one of the top countries with high crime rates. With so many terrors happening in the country, the need for forensic scientists is also on the hike. Opportunities await the experts in Police Departments, Crime Branch, CBI, Forensic Science Laboratories, Intelligence Bureau, Banks, Defence Ministry, Courts, Narcotics Sector, Hospitals and almost every other government institutions that you can think of.

Private Sector

The major part of the Indian population is constituted by the poorest of poor people which is a reason for the drastic increase in crime rates. This has brought in a lot of opportunities for the forensic department in the private sector as well. Detective agencies, Security service agencies, law firms, and private companies now have their own forensic experts to solve all the unsettled issues in their organizations.

Forensic Job Categories

Although the opportunities in this sector are many, to list out a few would be Forensic specialist, Forensic scientist, Forensic investigator, Caligraphy Expert, Document Specialist, Forensic Psychologist, Fingerprint specialist and many more.

Top 5 High Paying Forensic Jobs

  1. Forensic Medical Examiner

    Even though it takes longer to be a forensic medical examiner, it is also one of the highest paid job positions in the department. One of the major responsibilities of the examiner is to find out the reason for unexpected deaths.

  2. Forensic Engineer

    Forensic Mechanical Engineers and Forensic Architectural Engineers earn a fortune by examining machines and structures to find out the cause of its failure, foul play or other crime-related issues.

  3. Forensic Accountant

    With money being the epicenter of most of the crimes, a Forensic Accountant plays a major role in finding out illegal activities involving money. These may include breach of a contract, bankruptcy, security frauds, tax frauds, etc.

  4. Crime Scene Investigator

    Crime scene investigators work right at the place of crime and are responsible for collecting evidence and testimonials. With keen observational skills, an Investigation Officer has to make sure that he gets hold of even the slightest possible evidence from the scene.

  5. Crime Laboratory Analyst

    A laboratory analyst is a Science prodigy who uses his/her skills in biochemistry and molecular biology to analyze evidence from a crime scene to arrive at surprising conclusions.

Forensic Science Studies is a comparatively less explored carrier path with huge scope for career development and personal growth. To be a forensic expert does not only reward you in terms of money but also in the form of respect. A person who works relentlessly to bring all the dark faces hiding in the daylight to the forefront will always remain a hero.

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