Artificial Intelligence

The Smartest brainchild of Humans

A few decades back, a door that opens on its own or a car that drives itself would have been considered as real horror scenes. But now these things amuse us and we have all accepted it as a smarter way of living. Artificial Intelligence is considered as the parent of almost all cool innovations of the time.

When a computer system understands and behaves like a human brain by learning, reasoning, and self-correction, it is called Artificial Intelligence (AI). Applications of AI can be seen everywhere including healthcare, education, business, finance, law, and manufacturing industries. By 2025 AI is expected to be fully functional all around the world.

The Boundless Possibilities and Scope of Artificial Intelligence

AI is one of the smartest and, perhaps, the only invention that is capable of creating new innovations. It is here to transform Science as we know it today. There is no such sector where AI cannot be applicable. To improve and to keep on making new discoveries, Artificial Intelligence sector has a huge human requirement. If you choose to be on the path of exploring Artificial Intelligence, then

Opportunities will be limitless: To improve their productivity every organization uses AI. Even the tech-giants like Google, Facebook, and Apple seek out for AI developers.

An exciting career: AI is going to be a breakthrough in every sector. Machine learning, data mining, and analysis, Software analysis, etc will become intriguing career paths.

Irresistible pay packages: The potential of AI is literally too large to be comprehended now. This calls out for more AI specialists, which in turn increases their values as well.

Popular AI Job Catagories with High Payscales

  • Machine Learning Engineer

    Working knowledge on most of the programming languages, strong mathematical and analytical skill sets can secure you a job as a Machine Learning Engineer. Machine learning is at the heart of AI projects and is suitable for people with a strong background in applied research and data science. The engineer works with huge datasets to build programs that predict accurate outcomes without being explicitly programmed.

  • Data Scientist

    A responsible data scientist collects, analyses and interpret large complex databases with the help of machine learning and predictive analytics. Algorithms for collection and cleaning of data also comes under the duties of a data scientist. Strong analytical and communication skills are also inevitable common traits of all Scientists.

  • Business Intelligence Developer

    Business Intelligence developer develops tools that predict business profits and margins according to the trend. After analyzing huge datasets to understand the business and market trends, BI Developer designs tools that play a vital role in improving the efficiency and profitability of a business. He/she designs, models and maintain complex data in highly accessible cloud-based data platforms.

  • Research Scientists

    A research scientist is responsible for researching on controlled laboratory-based data to gather relevant information. The scientist design, undertake and analyze data purely for research purpose and is not intended for any application process.

  • Big Data Engineer

    Big data engineers help in creating ecosystems that enable businesses to communicate with each other and collate their data. Engineers are mainly required to plan, design and develop the big data environment using their programming skills.

  • Robotic Scientist

    A robot scientist builds mechanical devices to perform various tasks, sometimes to improve the productivity of a business and sometimes to improve the accuracy and perfection of a task.


It is hard to predict the future of AI as it is beyond our imaginations. However, what is yet to come is expected to be wonderful and life-changing. For AI to evolve and new innovations to be discovered, we need more people with trained knowledge of AI and its related fields.

If you dream of working with technology then paving a path towards a career in artificial intelligence will just be the thing for you!

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