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We are a pervasive platform that connects students, parents and education industry specialists to top colleges with world-class facilities. We address all your queries regarding colleges, higher education and career guidance with complete transparency. We rightly guide the student to colleges that suit their interests, dreams and goals. With 10+ years of experience in the educational field, we have achieved a lot of accomplishments for our works. We are your award-winning educational partner with 8 offices in all the major cities to guide you precisely from places of your convenience.


We aim to be one of India’s largest education portals which help students find the best colleges that will suit their interests. An easy-to-interact website with highly relevant contents helps you in taking the right decision.


We strive to build a world that is proficient by empowering them to make the right choices. By imparting wisdom about various career options we guide students to the right professional courses.


We are bound by our core values of passion and responsibility. We want every aspiring student to be a responsible individual who follows their passion by educating them the right way.

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We are united by one idea and one
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With proper branding and digital visibility, we can transform your college into every student’s dream college. We at SPSR focuses on bringing every college with world-class facilities and unique teaching experience to the limelight, where prodigal students can easily find you out.

Join us and we will redirect our students to your college where they can grow up to be excellent professionals.

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Award Winning

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